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About Your Flowers

To ensure your flowers are delivered as fresh as possible, some may still be in bud. Some roses will have a green/brown or darker coloured outer petal when closed. This is characteristic of the rose and will not affect the life or quality of the flower.

Care Instructions

Take care when handling your flowers, cut 2-3cm (1") from each stem and remove any foliage that falls below the water line. Follow the instructions on the sachet to make the flower solution and add to a clean vase. Arrange your flowers and top up with fresh water as required. Display your flowers in a cool place out of direct sunlight to maximise the life of your gift.

Postal Flowers are packed fresh and delivered in bud. For maximum vase life, put them in water as soon as they arrive.

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About your plant

Plants may not be in full flower and size on delivery according to time and season.

Care Instructions

Take care when handling you plant and ensure to position in a well lit area of your home. Avoid draughts and direct sunlight. Remove dead flower heads and dead foliage to encourage new growth. With outdoor plants, water regularly during dry periods.